PAGD - #1, 3.76M EBITDA Equip Rental Co!

East Texas B2B Equipment Rental Company coming back on the market!

Packaged it up for an early 2020 launch after a great 2019 only to get hammered by the downturn in Oil Pipeline projects. They had a down year in 2020 but came roaring back and beat 2019 in 2021. Really proud of these operators. They have diversified where they're not as dependent on Oil and Gas clients anymore and the company is much stronger today than it was first go around.

Currently the revenue mix is 47% Pipeline Related B2B, 43% Solar Related B2B, and 10% Local Retail Rental. They're expecting Solar and Retail to grow further in 2022 and beyond, but Pipeline work is coming back. Good upside.


2019- 3.18M

2020- 1.32M

2021- 3.76M

Owners are willing to stay. Older partner wants out but would do a transition year or two as a salesman/consultant. Younger partner is a great candidate for COO or CEO to run it as the leader if you want to remote own it. He's willing to stay on and wants to grow and take over the world.

They've spent over 13M on new equipment the last few years and have over $11M in FMV of equipment right now, most less than 3 years old.

Winning Buyer is going to have to value this company somewhere in the 13-20M range and buy 100% or a controlling interest position. Also if you want to keep the young partner to run it, you'll have to show that you are the best new partner for him to replace his buddy that's wanting to retire, so a bit of a beauty pageant as well as who can give the best $$.

If interested, watch this 15 Minute Loom video where I talk about it and add more context. Just stop it at the 15:30 mark and save yourself the pain of the awkward AF last minute where I couldn't figure out how to stop the video, lol.

We're redoing the CIM and plan on launching this on the major marketplaces in a few weeks in March, but right now we're willing to start having conversations with select Buyers that seem like good fits from this newsletter list.

If this is the dream deal you're looking for, and you think you can make a great offerin the range we need to land in, please click here and sign the NDA and we'll get you further details and arrange next steps.