Probably a Good Deal! - Issue #3 - Time to Pony Up!

Sorry, but over half of you are about to stop receiving these exclusive first looks at off-market and pre-market deals. I promised everyone we'd have a hard cap at 250 members, and we have over 500 signups and are growing daily. The first 250 people to go to this link and add your Credit Card for a $100/mo subscription will get tomorrow's deal (shooting the video on today), and every deal thereafter.

Two reasons for paid membership: 1) we can't do this work for free forever and 2) overwhelming feedback on our twitter poll indicated serious buyers would rather pay good money for exclusivity than be competing with thousands - I mean after all if it's thousands of people seeing it, it's hard to call that "off market", right?

So this is going to be more like an exclusive Buyers club with an experienced curator (Clint, experienced M&A advisor, valuator, and Award-winning broker with deal flow and connections all over the industry via the IBBA and M&A Source).

Deals will all be:

  • USA based

  • Not listed on any marketplace at time of email blast (pre-market deals we are being promised a minimum 2 week head start before deal goes live on major marketplaces)

  • 500K+ earnings, shooting for 1M+ EBITDA on average. Occasional may send a 250-500K deal if it's something that can be remote-owned or truly special.

  • Some will be experienced Sellers representing themselves, some will be represented by experienced Brokers offering our subscribers an early first look, but ALL will be pre-screened by PAGD leadership to ensure they're reasonable on valuation expectations, i.e. nothing overpriced.

  • Most will be SBA-financeable except for the larger ones beyond SBA size limits.

  • Generally you can expect 2-5 exclusive off-market or pre-market deals per month at this time, but we will always choose quality over quantity and not send a bad deal down the pipeline to hit any deal quantity promise.

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Probably a Good Deal! - Early Notice for Off Market and Pre Market Businesses for sale. 6 & 7 figure earning only. Quality Screened and not on any marketp

Did you see what happened on Twitter?

After seeing Clint's Twitter post Sunday that blew up inviting people to post deal links from BizBuySell for feedback we are convinced a curated list like this is a needed service more than ever. It seems that when you're looking on major marketplaces most deals are:

  • too small

  • overpriced

  • already under contract if good

We are solving this as a service.

As we get paying subscribers starting today it is our intention to apply more time and resources to sourcing deal flow you can't get anywhere else.

Your subscription is a vote towards group-sourcing exclusive off-market and quality pre-market deal flow in this 500K-5M earnings deal space that's difficult to find good stuff in before someone else does.

Have a great week everyone!

We have a 600K SDE Southern California deal coming tomorrow. (Paid peeps only, so get in that credit card today)


Clint and the PAGD team